Enigma introduces a groundbreaking, fully integrated MOP and MAM system, bridging the gap between half-hourly and non-half-hourly operations.

Accredited by Elexon, and REC compliant, Enigma offers a versatile, automated solution for businesses seeking efficiency and compliance.

Streamlining data flow transmissions and revolutionising MOP and MAM Systems with Proactive Excellence

Streamline Bulk Data Flows

With scheduled reports tailored to client needs, Enigma streamlines bulk data flow processing, providing you with complete transparency for REC audits, whilst enabling you to tackle your backlogs effectively, ensuring timely issue resolution.

With real-time integration with the stock module of Reach and other asset management platforms, Enigma automates change of agent processes, CDSP flow submissions, PARC data set generation, and dashboard monitoring.

Automated Data Flow Transmission

Automated data flow transmission over either DTN or IX eliminates manual intervention, while integration with scheduling systems ensures flow activity aligns with metering points.

DNO notifications, supplier flow portals, and custom database searches enhance user capabilities.

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