Combining an intuitive back office software platform with a dedicated mobile engineering application to enable the seamless installation/commissioning & decommission of SMETS2 electricity meters/CH (communications hubs) and IHDs (in-home display).

The Reach SM platform of products is a fully integrated resource management solution designed specifically to support the smart meter industry.

Our stand-alone solution includes the S2 software module that increases the level of validation for files received from the mobile engineering application.

The UI (user interface) design allows users to edit data received from the application and provide visibility of file failures. We believe this to be an essential element of the design due to the evolving nature of the DCC and our experience of integration with a range of existing DCC adapters. 

Our multi-tenancy approach ensures our clients are able to offer SMETS2 installation services to multiple energy suppliers simultaneously and seamlessly from an engineering point of view.

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