Streamlining Fleet Management with Real-time Telematics.

Locate offers cutting-edge telematics solutions, empowering companies to optimise fleet operations efficiently.

Streamlining Fleet Management with Real-time Telematics

Real-time traffic insights and route analytics enhance productivity, while over-the-air vehicle diagnostics, engine utilisation reports, and fault code alerts enable proactive maintenance, reducing breakdowns.

The 'trip reporting' feature provides a comprehensive view of a vehicle's daily movements, including start and finish locations, distance travelled, and time spent at each stop, all accessible through intuitive reporting.

A standout function is the 'nearest vehicle' search, leveraging crowd-sourced data to identify not just the closest vehicle in distance but also the one that can reach a location most quickly.

With plug 'n' play technology, installation is a breeze, taking under 10 minutes. You own the device, offering the flexibility to switch vehicles or platforms seamlessly.

Locate is revolutionising fleet management with its user-friendly and feature-rich telematics solutions.

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