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Octopus Energy Services, a vital part of the renowned Octopus Energy Group, boasts of providing energy solutions to over 5.3 million customers. As an innovative leader in the energy sector, Octopus sought to elevate their services by adopting the best-in-class SAAS software solution to streamline their smart meter installations, customer booking processes, and end-to-end energy data flow management.

The challenge

Octopus Energy grappled with several operational challenges

Diverse Workforce

They had a broad mix of in-house engineers and external subcontractors. Integrating and managing all these resources on a uniform platform was paramount.


With an expanding customer base of 5.3 million, Octopus required a system that could accommodate its growing needs.


There was a pressing demand for streamlined stock management, logistics, and customer self-serve booking.

Industry Specificity

The energy industry has specific data flow requirements, and Octopus needed an end-to-end MOP/MAM solution — something rare in the industry.

the outcome

Post-implementation, Octopus Energy witnessed a marked improvement in its operational efficiency:

30% reduction in logistical errors

20% increase in customer satisfaction rates

Overall growth in productivity across their teams

Furthermore, the unified platform bolstered team morale and inter-departmental collaborations.

The Solution

Enter Beboc's cutting-edge Reach SAAS solution, tailor-made for Octopus's unique challenges.

Unified Platform

Beboc configured Reach to integrate both in-house engineers and subcontractors under a single umbrella, facilitating seamless communication and task management.

Scalable Architecture

Reach was built with future expansions in mind, ensuring that as Octopus grows, the software grows with it. Reach now incorporates EV ChargePoint, battery storage, heat pump and solar installations

Customer-First Approach

The self-serve booking system was introduced, empowering customers with easy-to-use tools to schedule and manage their bookings.

Specialised MOP/MAM Integration

As the only service provider offering this in the market, Beboc’s end-to-end MOP/MAM solution streamlined Octopus's industry data flows.

Project Benefits

Operational Efficiency

The software led to streamlined operations, reducing processing time and minimising errors.

Enhanced Collaboration

With everyone on the same platform, collaboration between in-house and external resources has become more dynamic and efficient.

Customer Satisfaction

The self-serve booking system improved customer experience, leading to positive feedback and reduced complaints.


The scalable solution ensures that Octopus won't need a major overhaul of its system in the foreseeable future.


Customisation is Key

Generic solutions often don't address specific industry needs. The success of this project underlined the importance of tailor-made solutions.

Adopting a User-Centric Approach

Systems, no matter how advanced, need to be user-friendly. The success of the customer self-serve booking system highlighted this.

Flexibility and Scalability

Preparing for the future is crucial. Building a system with scalability in mind ensures long-term relevance and use.

Collaboration is a Two-Way Street

Open communication channels between the SAAS provider and the client ensure that the software solution remains aligned with the client's evolving needs.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Octopus Energy Services and Beboc underlines the transformative power of the right software solution. This partnership not only addressed immediate operational challenges but also positioned Octopus for future growth and success.

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