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Voltari, a leading name in the UK's renewable technology scene, specialises in the supply and installation of cutting-edge renewable technologies, including EV charge points, heat pumps, battery storage, and solar panels. In their quest to elevate customer experiences and streamline operations, Voltari approached Beboc, renowned for its proficiency in SaaS solutions and customer service provision.

The challenge

Voltari, while pioneers in renewable technology installations, faced some operational challenges.

Complex Quotation Process

Their diverse range of services meant a varying and sometimes complex quotation process, making it difficult to provide prompt and accurate estimates to potential clients.

Limited Remote Survey Capabilities

As the demand for renewable technologies soared, Voltari needed a way to conduct remote surveys efficiently, reducing the need for on-site visits.

Stock Management and Logistics

With a vast inventory of parts and components for multiple services, Voltari struggled with inventory mismanagement and logistics bottlenecks.

Service Provision Consistency

Managing both domestic and commercial installations meant different scales of operation, requiring consistency in service quality and responsiveness.

the outcome

Post-deployment of the Reach field services software, Voltari reported a 35% increase in operational efficiency.

Client enquiries converted to installations more swiftly, thanks to the efficient quotation process.

The ability to conduct remote surveys led to a 50% reduction in on-site preliminary visits, optimising resource allocation.

Inventory mismanagement instances dropped by 90%, ensuring services weren't hindered due to stock outages.

The Solution

Beboc’s Reach field services software, tailored for businesses like Voltari, was identified as the perfect fit. Features included:

Automated Quotation System

A dynamic and user-friendly interface enabling swift generation of accurate estimates based on the type and scale of the service.

Remote Survey Toolkit

Leveraging AR and VR, the software allowed technicians to conduct comprehensive remote surveys, reducing the need for physical visits.

Integrated Stock Management

Real-time tracking of inventory, predictive restocking based on demand trends, and logistical support to ensure timely service delivery.

Unified Service Dashboard

A consolidated platform ensuring seamless management of both domestic and commercial projects, promoting service consistency.

Project Benefits

Efficiency & Accuracy

The automated quotation system reduced manual errors, ensuring clients received accurate quotes promptly.

Operational Savings

Remote surveys significantly reduce unnecessary travel, saving both time and operational costs.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Faster response times, accurate quotations, and timely installations meant enhanced customer trust and satisfaction.

Optimised Inventory & Logistics

Reduced wastage, ensured parts availability, and streamlined delivery logistics.


Customisation is Key

One-size-fits-all solutions don't always cater to the unique needs of a specialised business like Voltari. Customised solutions can significantly enhance operational efficiency.

Embrace Digital

Leveraging digital tools, especially AR and VR for remote surveys, can revolutionise traditional business models, saving costs and time.

Client Feedback Matters

Continuous feedback from Voltari during the deployment phase ensured the software was aligned with their needs, emphasising the importance of close collaboration.

Scalability for Future Growth

Investing in a system that can scale is essential. As Voltari continues to grow, Reach will accommodate its expanding operational needs.

Beboc and Voltari's collaboration is a testament to how technology, when leveraged correctly, can catalyse business growth and customer satisfaction.

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