Case Study | Yü Smart 

Yü Smart, a division of the Yü Energy Group, is a rapidly growing Metering Equipment Manager (MOP and MAM) in the energy sector. As a trusted partner in energy metering services, they aimed to consolidate their position by achieving MOP and MAM accreditation while also seeking to enhance their field services and manage energy data flows more effectively.

The challenge

Yü Smart faced dual challenges:

Achieving MOP and MAM Accreditation: The accreditation process is intensive, requiring extensive documentation, robust system processes, and a demonstration of operational capabilities.

Operational Enhancement: With a growing customer base, Yü Smart needed to streamline smart meter installations, optimise stock management and logistics, and ensure accurate, timely energy industry data flows.

the outcome

Yü Smart not only achieved the coveted MOP and MAM accreditation but also transformed its operational processes. The seamless integration of Beboc's solutions led to:

100% compliance with energy industry data flow standards.

A 25% increase in the efficiency of smart meter installations.

A significant reduction in stock and logistics-related overheads.

The Solution

Beboc’s Reach Field Services Software:  

To address the operational needs, Yü Smart deployed Beboc’s Reach - a field services software designed for efficiency. This platform provided:

A comprehensive dashboard for smart meter installations, allowing real-time monitoring.

Integrated stock management systems that optimally allocate resources, reducing wastage and ensuring timely availability.

Advanced logistics solutions to reduce transit times and ensure smooth operations.

Beboc’s Enigma Managed Service:  

For the energy data flows challenge, the Enigma Managed Service was brought into play. It provided:

Seamless data integration from various sources.

Automated processing ensuring accurate, consistent, and timely data flows.

A robust compliance and validation mechanism to adhere to industry standards.

In addition, Beboc’s consulting team actively supported Yü Smart in their journey to MOP and MAM accreditation, ensuring all requirements were met.

Project Benefits

With Beboc's solutions, Yü Smart experienced:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Faster smart meter installations and optimised resource management led to higher customer satisfaction.

Data Accuracy & Compliance

Automated energy data flow ensured precision and adherence to industry regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Accelerated Accreditation Process

With Beboc's guidance, Yü Smart navigated the MOP and MAM accreditation process smoothly and efficiently.


This collaboration revealed:

Proactive Approach

Early engagement with technology partners can significantly streamline processes and increase operational efficiency.

Integrated Solutions

Instead of patchwork fixes, comprehensive solutions like Reach and Enigma address challenges holistically, leading to long-term benefits.

Consultative Partnership

Beyond software deployment, a consultative approach ensures alignment with organisational goals and smoother change management.

By addressing Yü Smart's challenges head-on with tailored solutions, Beboc demonstrated its prowess in providing cutting-edge SAAS solutions for the energy industry.

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